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The department is responsible for providing academics to Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital’s medical students in following programs.

  1. Third-year Medical Student (MS3)่

- SIID 312 Immune Responses and Inflammation  3 credits
- SIID 313 Principles of Genetics and Neoplasia 1 credits
- SIID 314 Principles of Microbiology and Parasitology 4 credits
- SIID 315 Principles of Therapeutic Medicine 2 credits
- SIID 316 Integumentary and Musculoskeletal System II     2 credits
- SIID 317 Circulatory System II  2 credits
- SIID 318 Blood and Lymphoid System II 3 credits
- SIID 319 Respiratory System II 2 credits
- SIID 320 Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary System II  2 credits
- SIID 322 Urinary System II 2 credits
- SIID 323 Reproductive System II    2 credits
- SIID 324 Nervous System II        3 credits
- SIID 325 Endocrine and Nutritional Disorders   2 credits


  2. Third-year Student, Applied Thai Traditional Medicine Program

       (SITT 311 Basic Pharmacology 3 credits)

  3. Fourth-year Student, Physical Therapy Program

       (PTPT 402 Pharmacology for Health Science 1 credits)

  4. Third-year Student, Sport Sciences Program

       (SPSS 356 Sports Pharmacology 2 credits)



Our lectures consist of traditional lectures and interactive lectures. These lectures aim to consolidate “core concepts” of the subjects and equip students with lifelong learning skills. Clinical applications are also emphasized in our lectures.

Group activities

Both small-group activities and large-group activities will be the sessions that encourage students to apply their knowledge into real clinical scenarios. Students will participate in group discussions to find solutions to clinical problems under lecturers’ and medical interns’ supervision.

Flipped classrooms

Students will be assigned to study pre-class materials before attending classes. Materials include textbooks, handouts, PowerPoint slides, video clips, etc. During sessions, students will be encouraged to share the knowledges via activities tailored to objectives of learning.


Several laboratory classes are held in order to enrich students experiences in pharmacology. Students will have hand-on experiences and will have better understanding in pharmacological concepts.